Union Practice & The Precariat Project


In Winter 2020, I joined the Portland State University Graduate Employees Union and currently serve as Executive Treasurer. My union practice helps inform my understanding of labor rights, socio-economic perspective on teaching and working within academia. 


The union practice also informs “The Precariat Project”


“The Precariat Project” is an ongoing research and investigative project in which I am a self- appointed socio-economist, financial advisor, and artist trying to understand the downward slope and precarity that the working class is experiencing. The project includes conversations with students, gig-economy workers, artists, and marginalized socio-economic groups to talk about debt, capitalism, loss of full-time employment, and disappearing benefits. Based upon the research by British economist Guy Standing, I aim to understand the true ramifications of capitalism's long-term effect on people and on our society. I ask each person to share their stories but also to create hypothetical solutions for a brighter future.