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The Art We Value (2021-2022)

In October 2021, I initiated a project called “The Art We Value,” a project where I ask my neighbors to share a piece of themselves by selecting an item from their house to talk about. I ask them why they like the item and how they think about the item within the lens of art. Then, I take their picture and draw them together with that item. I ask them how they feel about art and where does art enter into their lives within an RV Park. I am interested in how each neighbor makes artistic decisions on what items to surround themselves with the added limitations of space and weight capacity. It also allows me to get closer with my neighbors and hear stories about their lives that otherwise I never would have known.

The conversations are being transcribed to be included with their portraits in "Jantzen Beach RV Park, The Art We Value" publication, June 2022.

The following are drawings that I have done of my neighbors so far.
Alice holding Ganesh statue, 2021
John Ingels with drawing of childhood hiking trail in Cleveland, Ohio, 2021
Dago Sanchez holding painting by sister, 2021
Greg Hatley with his Harley Davidson motorcycle, 2021
Chris Emery holding with found and reclaimed art, 2021
On February 5th, the drawings will be showcased in a small local show at the Jantzen Beach RV Park for the residents. During the show, people who come are welcomed to bring an item or piece of art to showcase and talk about why they value it. 

The drawings then will be then travel to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Portland State University for the MFA Graduate Showcase.
Project by: Shelbie Loomis

Location: Portland, Oregon 

Year 2021-2022

Tags: The Art We Value, art, RV, items
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