RV Social Practice

An RV Community & Living on the Road


Before venturing out of the Southwestern desert to travel across the United States to the Pacific Northwest, I had done my share of research about the lifestyle of living in an RV full time and possible boon-docking. It was an easy fix to the rising high rent housing market in Portland and an easy financial solution while attending graduate school. I watched the videos, read articles, fantasized about the whimsical tiny house living that came with intriguing people that traveled a lot.

I thought about Marina Abramović and Ulay who lived in their Citroën police van from the late 1970s into the 1980s and according to the Guggenheim had cultivated a "lifestyle choice that merged with their belief that freeing the mind and spirit was only possible after physical deprivation".

To me, I felt that this lifestyle could provide a much needed break away from consumerism and capitalism while I focused on what freed my mind and spirit.



The RV Park Archive is an ongoing personal and collaborative narrative I created to archive the lifestyle of RV living and being a part of a traveling community. Each reflection comes from long-term, short-term, or one-nighters residents at Jantzen Beach RV Park on their travel stories, “how-to” advice on maintenance of campers or RVs, or items that they justify keeping. Each narrative is transcribed and produced into a non-formal semi-annual newspaper which I distribute in a newspaper stand next to the community laundromat.