Jantzen Beach RV Park Prosperity Gardens


Through social media, I reached out to my online community to send me seeds to contribute to the project. I received seeds from Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and Oregon, along with letters and small contributions to the project.


Special thanks to: Stormi Loera & Family,  Kate Ayala East, Lillie’s Handmade Soap, Julie Walker & Skip Gregory, Rebecca Copper and Adrian, Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr, Corine Franklin, Jordan Rosenblum and Emma Duehr Mitchell

In collaboration with Micheal Bernard Stevenson Jr and the Village Building Convergence, I distributed mobile container gardens to the Jantzen Beach RV Park during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.


It is a project that highlights power and agency to organize and build systems to help create prosperity as food precarity and job displacement progressed during the summer months of the pandemic. Within the limits of physical distancing, the project provided similar mutual aid by sharing resources through gardening, be it for creating habitats, food production, medicine, or craft.