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Precariat: An Investigation of Income Inequality
SFAI Equality Justice Artist-in-Resident (2017) 

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In 2017, I was accepted into the SFAI Equal Justice Artist-in-Residency at Santa Fe Art Institute. At the time, I was working full time as an assistant branch manager at a bank and was contemplating income inequality and learning more about a new social class called the precariat. I took the time during the residency to use drawings as a form of note taking as I listened to books and lectures on socio-economic theories and people's stories of how our society treated them. I drew my friend's portrait, as a single mother to capitalize on the gender inequalities for single mothers, which hit home for me as a child of a single parent. 
Project by Shelbie Loomis

Location: SFAI, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Year: 2017

Tag: Drawing, Illustration, Precariat, Income Inequality.
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