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Orchards Curatorial Committee: I AM HOME (2021)

Rebecca Copper reading, I AM HOME art show description, APANO & O82, 2021

In the Spring 2021, I joined the Orchards Curatorial Committee (renamed 082 Art Crew) to cultivate artwork and social practice projects with the residents of Orchards of 82nd. We worked with the residents to draw their portraits after talking with them about how they make home and what was important to them when they think about home.  After many pop-ups to catch the residents as they entered into the building and having some great conversations, we completed the portraits and hung in the entry way to the building between 082 and APANO in East Portland.


At the end of the show, each resident got their own portrait delivered to their house. These are some examples of the works I did with the residents. 

Omar (Above) and Shelbie drawing together, September 2021

Omar is a charismatic and outgoing person who enjoys playing PlayStation, playing music and sports, and hanging out with his younger brother. If he could envision a place where he would live in the future, he would live with his brother in a house in New York City next to a music store where he could hang and play music. He enjoys reading DC comic books, especially Doctor Fate, the color brown (never green!) and will one day be a Social Worker once he finishes his degree. Go Omar!
McKenzie, Ocean & Angeliah working on artwork at event, 2021
McKenzie (Mother) and Ocean (Son) both live with Angeliah (Daughter) and Angela (Grandmother) at O82. They love to engage in as many art activities that their community puts on, so they can bond and have fun together. McKenzie loves to read, especially Harry Potter books, the color purple, and has a favorite memory of going to see the ocean for her birthday. She loves the ocean so much that she decided to capture a bit of it when her son was born. 

Artwork being delivered to the home after artshow!
Angela lives with her daughters (McKenzie) and two grandchildren (Angeliah & Ocean). She loves her family and her favorite things include: Family Portrait, Collection of Handbags that are customized with her name on them, Pizza & Chinese Food, and the color combination of purple and gold. She values calm, faith and security and would love to have a beautiful fish tank to remind her of everything she enjoys in life.
Leanne & Lariah playing at the O82 Playground, 2021
Leanne (Mother) and Lariah (Daughter) love to take walks around the neighborhood and being a part of a community where they can do activities such as art. They moved to O82 two years ago and enjoy relaxing at home, watching a movie, and eating Mexican or Italian food. They both love the color red and roses, and want their home to be a place of peace, love and safety.
Marquise (3) and Brayden (2) are brothers, love each other and their mom and enjoy playing as much as they can. Marquise is energetic, brave and loves the color blue. Brayden is laid back and loves the color green. They love playing on the O82 playground and will climb all over the jungle gym!
Mom picking up Marquise & Brayden's portrait, 2021
Project by: Orchard Curatorial Committee: Jose, Grace, Lillyanne, Alisa, Roshani, Justin & Shelbie

Location: Portland, Oregon 

Year 2021 

Tags: I AM HOME, Illustrations, Social Practice Project
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