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Agnès Varda Forever, A Collaboration
with Jennifer “JJ” Jones and Laura Glazer (2021)

Agnes Varda Forever is an art project by Laura Glazer and Jennifer “JJ” Jones created to increase awareness and appreciation of Agnes Varda. The project originated in Portland, Oregon and is ongoing throughout the world today. #agnesvardaforever 

BUY NOW - $10 each


Laura Glazer reached out to me in the summer of 2021 with a dream of a stamp for the Agnes Varda Festival that she and her collaborator, JJ were putting together in late August. At the time, I knew of Agnes Varda through Laura’s passionate description but it wasn't until I sat down to draw these stamps did I watch her movies for the first time. 


All proceeds from the sale of these stamps will be donated to POWGirls. POWGirls offers workshops in video production, cinematography, audio recording, set lighting, digital editing, and media literacy for girls and non-binary youth ages 15-19. Our instructors are working media producers who inspire participants to be creative, tech-savvy leaders who will help realize gender equity in the film industry.

photos by Laura Glazer
Project by
Jennifer "JJ" Jones & Laura Glazer
Stamp by Shelbie Loomis
Portland, Oregon
Agnes Varda Forever

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